Wednesday, May 30, 2012

new world order

i think this the right time for me to write something here. lately, i'm quite busy. with assignment, event and more. too many chores to do in one time. but, Alhamdulillah, i still got to manage it. very well. and all is done and of course, well done enough. nothing to be said here actually. just wanna drop few words so that my page here will not outdated and people starting to get bored with me. no matter what number it is as long as there are a viewers. who's wanna seek an information, to release something and do some reading.

maybe my page here wasnt so informative compared to others, but i think it ample enough to have something to be read on. media nowadays are not so good and not entertaining anymore. too little info. useless. all they do was rubbish thing. what happen to this world lately. it is look like i've been isolated from the real world. because, yesterday one of my friend asked me what happen in Syria? i dont have the answer. yeah, i dont have it. i dont ever know what really happen. i replied her by saying " just pray the best for them. thats all we can do". see, how far am i lost in this world.

i'm busy doing my stuff. dont bother people or anything happen surround me. is that suck?maybe it is. but, i think that, better be like this. i dont trust many of the story brought by the media. most of them lying with fact. the actual fact are mostly hidden. they dont tell the truth. what they brought to this world is a lie. this is not Simple Plan song, your love is a lie. but, i did mentioned, the media. their world, and the lie.

if you wanna feel this thing, keep listening to Black Eyed Peas song, where is the love. this song is so meaningful and they tell us what is actually happening in this world. urm, i think enough for now. maybe i'll continue later. see ya.

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