Monday, December 13, 2010

quOtes Of tHe dAy...

quotes of the day..:
"everyday, when i'm gonna sleep, i wish that somehow i'll wake up in the morning of new days..but, when i woke up, nothing's all the same..same day,same activities, same faces, same thing...i thought the day was changing, but it's's not monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday or's just a day..the sameday!" took almost a day to create this quotes..urm..maybe not so good or fancy...the words maybe not so beautiful or interesting..aite?but..i'm juz trying...maybe i'm not able to speak or to write well in english...perhaps i need more training and practise..then, there is a result..the come out..aite?..haha..nonsense..i'll keep on doing this..quotations, poem or long as i can write in english..i'll use simple words and simple sentence..that'll enough..haha..satisfaction for me n my soul...thats all..k...we'll meet again..wassalam..

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