Sunday, March 4, 2012


i think, this is the right time to write something in english..even my english is not good enough, i dont care..

our feelings couldnt be understand. difficult. sometime u'll tot u r crazy. the inner-self is pounding like hell. u arguing a lot within urself. n sometime u tot that u r useless, nobody care for u, u've been isolated n more. n u might tot that, u'll isolate urself from other.

this behavior is not right. either me, this is something i think it is rational n applicable to each n everyone of us. wut we tot, wut we said. the inside of us telling us plenty of story. some of them, we create it. n we are in our own world. this aint delusion or schizo. it is ur imagination of life. u must have tot that. it is inside u. think deeply.


to be continued...

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