Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don't Ever Hurt the Feelings

since that day, i realized one thing..DONT HURT WOMEN FEELINGs..women is do hard to understand by me. i still learn their behavior, their way of thinking, their style..everything..i need to understand them as much as i can. because, when the day come, i need to choose the best among them to stand beside me. in another word, to be wife, my soul mate.

i'd hurt the feelings for more than once already. i voice out my words spontaneously without thinking, sometime. sometime, i forgot that women are fragile. their heart like a tiny glass, easy to broke. but, not to mentioned, not all of them like that. there some of them who has the hard-glass type heart. not easy to broke, not easy to penetrate. you'll need a special skill and ability to take 'em down. it is hard. absolutely.

another thing is, dont broke ur friend heart. i do have BFF's. and they are girls or women. i love to be friend with'em and i'm glad to have them as my friend. Thanks to Allah because sending them to me as my friends. my dearest friends. the sad thing to tell is, i'd broke their heart. i feel so bad and so sad. sometime, i cant control my self. i just point out some words that make them hurt. i dont know why. and, i dont know how to tell this anymore. but, the thing is, DONT EVER EVER HURT WOMEN FEELINGS ANYMORE. i'll try this. insyaAllah.

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