Thursday, August 9, 2012

nothing between us

She is gorgeous, right? Yeah, well. I know. Everybody told me that. She is sweet, beauty, pretty and kinda hot too. I cant resist to say no. She is way more than words can be describe. But, the thing is, we don’t have any special relationship. Just so u all know. We are just friend. Nothing more. I’d glad to have such a beautiful friend. Chasing by other guys. Try to be with her. And she chose me to stand beside her. What a lucky that i have.


The purpose of this entry just to clarify that, me and her, there is nothing special between us. We are friend and it will remain like that till maybe forever. I hope so. So, u guys, don’t afraid to try to tackle her. U can. But, don’t ever, ever, ever and ever hurt her heart. if u did that, u will never see the world as u can see right now. Because, i’ll might kill you or beat u till u cant eat your favourite cheeseburger anymore. Got it?

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