Monday, August 27, 2012


this is the 2nd match of both side this season. we see arsenal star player drain out of from the gunners. arsene wenger seem so relax and pretend nothing happened in the club. besides, the club is in trouble. instead of signing santi cazorla and podolski, nothing can change in the team. with the leaving of RVP and Song, the gunners seem very weak at the midfielder. its all on arteta right now.

in the match just now, totally arsenal player cannot control the ball. they lost possession too much. the team seem very rely on arteta and santi. both of this player was very hardwork on the pitch. what was chiroud do?he do nothing. why arsene wenger put walcott and chamberlain at the bench??what does he think??in this match, pace control and possession are much important. as we see, this match is very horrible. free-role player is too many. gervinho, santi, diaby, chiroud and podolski. it shouldnt be like that. maybe juz enough for santi to be free-role character. we can see, the formation in the mess. very horrible.

for conclusion, wenger need to work on something to prevent arsenal becoming the worst club this season.

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